Why Professional Headshots Can Make-or-Break Your Career


Image is everything… and many people don’t realize the impact your image can have on your career advancement. Professional headshots help you create the right image for yourself, which can in turn help you climb the ladder to the next job promotion or gig that will help to advance your career. On the other hand, having the wrong image may be detrimental to your progression.

If you are looking for actor headshots, model headshots, business headshots, or corporate headshots, then it is essential that you work with a professional. Every industry demands an image unique to that industry, and a professional photographer will be able to help you achieve the correct style of photograph. They have the experience to understand the expectations of each industry and what the hiring managers are looking for, and the photographer can help you achieve the correct headshot image that you need.

Amateur Photographers vs. Professional Headshots

The real problem lies in the fact that the technological advances of digital cameras have led many people to believe that they can be a “professional” photographer with minimal training. But, just because Uncle Joe paid for an expensive camera and uses the “Auto” feature, doesn’t mean that the photographs will turn out artistic or professional. Even though the technology is top-notch, nothing matches the quality that can be achieved by working with a true artist who understands photography elements such as lighting, framing and editing.

It may be tempting to save a few bucks by asking an amateur friend or family member to help you with headshots, but the difference will be noticed. A professional photographer has more than just an expensive camera, they have the expertise to make you look like the best version of yourself. They know how to setup the lighting and angles to make the image flattering and attractive, instead of simply getting a so-so picture of your face on the screen. A professional photographer understands what it takes to put you at ease in order to capture a natural, beautiful photograph. Their technical skills will create an image that leaves an impression, which helps other people see the vision of yourself that you want to communicate to them.

Actor Headshots and Model Headshots

The industries of acting and modeling always require headshots during the application process, and it is common for the director to be sorting through hundreds of applicants. Professional headshots are especially important when there is a lot of competition in the industry, because a mediocre photo can easily be slipped to the bottom of the pile when there are so many applicants to choose from.

The person making the hiring decisions knows that they need to pick the right person the first time around, because it is too expensive to have a do-over if the first person doesn’t work out. So, if they can see that your headshot is pleasing to look at, then they will have a better idea of what you could look like working on their project.

Business Headshots and Corporate Headshots

In the business and corporate world, a good headshot can help to make your face more memorable, which in turn can help your resume to stand out from the rest. In a difficult economy, there is even more competition to get a new job or to land a promotion, and you need to give yourself every advantage that you can to get the job that you want. A professional headshot can make your face and resume more memorable to the people who are making the hiring decisions.

Additionally, browsing through a professional network such as LinkedIn will quickly show who is really serious about their career. The people who are looking to advance in their career understand how critical it is to create the right profile in order to attract the types of companies they want to work for. A simple scan of various social media profiles will say a lot about each person, and the people using professional headshots will stand out from the rest.

The Advantage of Working with a Professional Photographer

Keep in mind that hiring a professional photographer doesn’t mean that you are simply paying for their time during the professional headshot session, because there are hundreds of hours of training and practice that went into developing their talent. Also, additional work is done by the photographer after the session is over in order to edit the photos to prepare them for printing.

There is no question about it: even if Uncle Joe has a nice camera, it is better to work with a true professional who can create a portfolio of headshots that will help you shape the right impression for your industry.