7 Reasons You Need to Makeover Your Headshot


A good headshot can make a big difference in your career, which is why professional headshots should be an important part of marketing yourself to other people. Headshots photography may be used in various industries, and there are a few reasons why the photos need to be updated on a regular basis:

1. An updated headshot helps other people to recognize you. If you are using a photo that is 5 or 10 years old, a new client might have a hard time recognizing you because you don’t look like the picture on your website. Don’t be deceiving by posting an old photo of yourself, it is better to have current professional headshots on your website, social media profiles, and business cards so that people can quickly recognize you when they see you in the crowd. You want the headshot to look exactly like you.

2. Unprofessional headshots can hurt your career progress. When starting a career, many people are tempted to save their money instead of paying for professional headshots. They don’t realize the importance of conveying the right message to the people in their industry. So, instead of hiring a professional photographer, they ask a friend or family member for a favor. But, just because the person paid a lot of money for a nice camera, doesn’t mean that they have the professional experience to create a headshot photo that will leave a memory for the people who see it. It takes a lot more than the simple click of the camera shutter, specific strategies and techniques need to be used to be sure it is a quality, effective photo.

3. Old headshots make you look un-photogenic. Photography style and technology has improved over the years, and those techniques are especially noticeable when you are working with a professional photographer. Amateur photos often make the subject look un-photogenic, causing you to feel like you don’t look good in front of the camera. If you think that you aren’t a photogenic person, hire a professional headshot photographer and you will see that your opinion about yourself quickly changes.

4. You never know when you are going to need an updated headshot. Even though you might not have need for professional headshots on a daily basis, there are times when the need arises and you find yourself unprepared. It is quite common for people to book last-minute photo sessions, because an opportunity came up that requires a headshot. Instead of feeling stressed and rushed with the effort of trying to get a spur-of-the-moment photo session, it is better to get an updated headshot ahead of time, so that you always have a nice headshot available whenever you need it.

5. Model headshots need to be updated to keep up with current trends. If you are in the modeling industry, old headshots can quickly be recognized because styles and trends change very quickly. For example, maybe your headshot has an older style haircut, or you are wearing clothing that was trendy a few years ago. Sharing outdated headshots for potential gigs may result in the opportunity passing you by, because the person might think that you are not serious enough about your career.

6. Actor headshots should be updated to make you look alive and engaged. A boring headshot may cause your photo to get lost among the many other photos that casting directors are looking through. So, if you find yourself in the situation where you are not getting a lot of auditions, then it’s likely that your headshot photo isn’t good enough.

7. Commercial headshots should catch the attention on social media profiles and websites. If you have a sub-par quality headshot for your corporate image, then it might have a negative effect on your career progression. It is common for hiring managers to use social media websites and other online platforms to research the candidates for a potential job. If the potential employer sees an amateurish photo of you, then they many not remember your face as they are sorting through hundreds of resumes. On the other hand, if you have a professional headshot posted on your social media accounts, then the image may stand out in the person’s mind, which might lead to a higher possibility of an in-person interview.