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  • 7 Reasons You Need to Makeover Your Headshot

  • A good headshot can make a big difference in your career, which is why professional headshots should be an important part of marketing yourself to other people. Headshots photography may be used in various industries, and there are a few reasons why the photos need to be updated on a regular basis[...]
  • Why Professional Headshots Can Make-or-Break Your Career

  • Image is everything... and many people don't realize the impact your image can have on your career advancement. Professional headshots help you create the right image for yourself, which can in turn help you climb the ladder to the next job promotion or gig that will help to advance your career.[...]
  • Should I book a glamour photo shoot?

  • After you hear the term of glamour and you see the photos in this genre, you start asking yourself “Should I book a glamour photo shoot”. The answer is yes, and I do have five reasons for your positive answer: Reason# 1: You worth it I really do believe that Women are the most beautiful and[...]
  • Toronto Glamour Photography - Kehli

  • Hey folks, Last week I had an amazing photo shoot with Kehli and Aisha (MUA). The photos turn out way better than I expected. Aisha had a very interesting idea to do a photo shoot with bubble wrap. During the shoot I do not have any idea about the finalized image and how it will look like. B[...]